We provide services on a per-project basis or per-call basis. At this time, we do not offer maintenance contracts. The following is a sample of the services we offer:

  • Chronic problems, slow performance, email delivery failures, spam, network connectivity, application configuration issues, bootup issues, failed hardware, and more.
  • If you have existing IT support or even an occassional "technology weekend warrior", we can either assist or supervise them as you require.

Software Installation & Upgrade  
  • Upgrade existing programs. Research, select and install new programs. We believe it is essential that your business processes (how you do business) and your software programs are aligned with each other:
  • Desktop software such as Microsoft Office and antivirus
  • Productivity software such as ACT contact management and Adobe products
  • Accounting software, such as Peachtree or Quickbooks,
  • More complex software such as Laserfiche or Xactimate.

  • Repair, troubleshoot, upgrade, expand, qualify, configure and setup business networks.

Email Setup & Administration  
  • Assist clients to do their own email administration or provide complete email administration.
  • If your company's email was setup by a web designer with limited email expertise, we can partner with them to ensure email is setup properly and securely.

Disaster Planning & Recovery  
  • This is more than backups. This is about business continuity, anticipating the common things that can go wrong, and how to get back into operation if they do.
  • Hardware failures such as hard drives and motherboards, disk corruption, fatal viruses, severe power surges, sudden power outages, and accidental file deletion are among the more common disasters. Fire, flood and theft are perhaps the less common, but they can be more severe.

Office/Facility Moves  
  • While an office or facility move may seem mundane, it is an opportunity to do things well:
  • Assess the needs and steps required in moving from the old to the new office or facility, including power, network capacity and drop locations, network addressing, surge protection, wireless coverage, integration with other systems such as phones, faxing, and alarms, etc.
  • Transport and setup sensitive equipment, such as workstations, printers and servers to ensure they are not damaged when moved and that they are properly setup. Document the new setup.

Other Services  
  • Other services include: data recovery, data wiping, project & crisis management, training, IT personnel supervision, management of problem vendors, integration, automation via scripting, audio visual integration, and more.